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Our Product and Services

Storm & Hail Damage Restoration

 Damage caused by thunderstorms, excessive high winds, hail storms or tornadoes, which are normally hidden from routine home inspections, may range from minor repairs to total roof replacements. Regardless of the extent of damage, AAA Lifetime Roofing are the experts in providing emergency service and restoring property damage with minimal disruption to your every day life. Due to our fast response time and regardless of the extend of damage your roof has incurred, we are experts in providing emergency services and restoring your property with minimal restoration saving you excessive further damage, time and money.

Damage Related Services

AAA Lifetime Roofing's Storm Related Services:

- 24 Hour Emergency Call Center

- Hail Repair and Roofing Restoration

- Tree and Debris Removal

- New Roofing Services

- Missing, Cracked Damaged Shingles

- Skylights and Valleys Repairs

- Ridge Vents and Power Fan Repair or Replacement

- Wall and Chimney Flashing

- Chimney Caps and Pans

- Industry TOP Quality Materials

New Roof Installation 

AAA Lifetime Roofing is the industry leader for new roof installation in the Atlanta area. Your roof is built on a system of components that will help prevent roof leaks, provide excellent value to your home and ensures that your roof will last as long as possible. AAA Lifetime Roofing is pleased to offer and install excellent, top quality GAF Designer Shingles, which will help the overall value of your home. Our friendly, experienced and knowledgeable repair crews only use the best roofing technologies, methods and quality available to resolve your roofing issues. 

Technical Support

AAA Lifetime Roofing has the best, well trained technicians on staff who specialize in shingles roofs and flat roofs. We take the time to diagnose the source of your roof leak to provide exceptional quality repair. In order to diagnose roof leaks, there are multiple factors to consider when assessing the cause of a roof leaks. Our technicians know how to inspect the area to find the source, whether it comes from the flashing on the chimney wall or boot pipe not to far away or a gutter that is backed up from the build up of leaves and sediment from old shingles causing a plethora of other home related damages. 

Please call AAA Lifetime Roofing at (678) 707-2777 to set up a time to come out to your home for a FREE INSPECTION and consultation. We look forward to serving you with ALL of your roofing and restoration needs.

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